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What is Shop the Symphony? 

Composition. Practice. Performance. Artistry. Craft. Emotion. The Perfect Moment

Your organization labors to create Perfect Moments for your patrons and audience to experience... the opportunity to hear a work performed live with artistry, expertise and dedication.

This is the Moment that all of your efforts lead to.

In my career at Neiman Marcus and at the Houston Symphony Store, I witnessed Moments happen as well. I’ve seen how music is experienced as pure joy and touches so many, inspiring patrons to purchase gifts for themselves, family, friends and co-workers. The gift is their way of sharing their experience.

When a well-designed, well-crafted gift is received, that is a Moment as well. These are Moments that complement the performance, extend the experience, convey and capture the Moment from inside the hall. Created by designers, craftsmen and artisans inspired by the very same music and experiences, these gifts convey a tactile, physical Moment. Just as your patrons desire the content that you produce, that desire translates to a hunger for beautiful music-related gifts. For years, I have been scouring the marketplace to create an experience that will truly mirror the content and discipline that your organization represents.

The vision of Shop the Symphony is to give your patrons the opportunity to capture that Moment while also creating an additional revenue opportunity. This is accomplished by utilizing existing resources: a website, an audience, programming, community outreach, marketing and events.

Shop the Symphony brings your patrons a complete online store that carries your organization’s branding. They will feel that they are in your online store. With hundreds of curated products covering dozens of categories, the store will impress your audience.

With a clear profit-sharing arrangement, Shop the Symphony is a unique fundraising opportunity that creates earned revenue for your organization with no risk to you. We handle 100% of the details involved in running a retail operation: fulfillment, shipping, payment, customer service, inventory management, etc.

Your organization’s focus is to build your audience, sell tickets, create enticing programming, educate youth, host guest artists and inspire musicians. Let Shop the Symphony give you an online store that respects this commitment to excellence and contributes to your fundraising goals.