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A welcome letter from April Lykos, Founder of Shop The Symphony:

To All Music Enthusiasts,

Welcome to Shop The Symphony! 

I have a passion for value.  I know how to find it. I know how to create it.  I know what it looks like and I know how to use it.

This passion has been an asset in all stages of my career.  As a lawyer on Wall Street, as a buyer for Neiman Marcus and during my many years of service to the Houston Symphony, I have found value and leveraged it for the benefit of all.

Not exactly a traditional career path.  I was reorganizing companies in NYC, then running blockbuster events for Manolo Blahnik in Dallas and then chairing the Houston Symphony’s Ima Hogg Competition.  For seven years, I guided different aspects of the Houston Symphony’s retail operations: merchandise planning and buying, developing logo and custom product, managing the retail operation and sourcing gifts for special events.  

And … I’m one of you.  I love the symphony. It is central to my daily life.  I understand the desire to support a local symphony and to share the love of music with friends and family.  I am a 13-season subscriber to the Houston Symphony. During that time, I have been involved on all levels … League member, trustee, donor and volunteer.   

All of these experiences have led me to found Shop the Symphony.  My goal is to create a positive impact on performing arts organizations and their music.  

Shop the Symphony is my opportunity to do just that.


April Lykos

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